Name Laurent Ratte
Organisation Sciences Computers Consultants
Position Sales Manager

Laurent is sales manager for SC-Consultants since 2007, based in St Etienne, France. He manages and organizes the different workshops and events organised by the SC-Consultants company to promote numerical simulation all over the world.

He also takes care of customer support and sales-product development outside France. For 30 years, SC-Consultants has supported industrial processes optimization. Historically oriented towards consulting, SCC edits numerical simulation software with the support of strategic initiatives. While having a wide range of software ranging from extrusion, mixing, and heating/cooling to solidification, SCC has an internationally recognized expertise in twin-screw extrusion 2D simulation targeting process optimization and scale-up. SCC supports industrial in their processes optimization through software and consulting actions. This action is especially relevant as SC-Consultants is strengthen by R&D and technology center such as the CEMEF, the Univ. of Bonn, the Fraunhofer institutes and world-renowned TSE manufacturer such as Leistritz.