Name Jakub Olšan
Organisation Unipetrol RPA - Polymer Institute Brno
Position Researcher

Jakub Olšan is currently a Researcher at the Unipetrol RPA plant in Brno, Czech Republic. The plant specializes in polymer Research and Development for Unipetrol in Czechia and the Orlen Group in Poland and also runs small-scale production of color, UV, additive and other masterbatches.

Jakub has been with Unipetrol for nearly 4 years. His main responsibilities include being the Head of Chezacarb Carbon Black R&D (innovations, applications, polymer compounding), conducting Rheological analyses and measurements, customer and technical support service for Unipetrol’s PP, HDPE and small scale masterbatches.

He studied material science, polymers and composites at the Brno University of Technology’s Faculty of Chemistry. During his studies, Jakub was part of a team researching biodegradable polymers, mainly PHB and polymer blends of PP with PA 6.