Name United Feed Screws LLC
Stand number A637
United Feed Screws LLC
Specialized Machinery for the Polymer Industry
So, Why United?
With over 50 years of combined industry knowledge, United Feed Screws has proven to be an asset to the polymer industry. Our value comes from experience with years of problem solving, in all aspects of production. We’re not perched in an ivory tower; ours is a hands-on business and we are proud to roll up our sleeves and bring solutions to help increase output and profitability. Whether rebuilding equipment or purchasing new, UNITED will keep your operation running seamlessly… cue laser borescope alignment services, a crucial step we provide that will protect your gearbox and prolong screw and barrel life. And the best part? Imagine one trusted partner for all of your equipment needs: United Feed Screws.
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Products & Services
Feed Screws • Barrels • Extruders
Gearboxes • Calender Rolls • Mill Rolls
Machine Refurbishing • Consulting Services
Laser Borescope Alignment Services
Components: Motors • Drives • Gearboxes • Bearings • Rolls • Cutters • Winders • Profile Heads • Rupture Disks • Transducers • Customized Parts
TS16949 compliant–quality assurance tracking procedures
United Feed Screws | Akron, Ohio | 330.798.5532 |