Name Sikora
Stand number A320

SIKORA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting systems for the hose and tube, wire and cable, optical fiber and plastics industry. With 250 employees worldwide, 14 international offices and more than 30 regional representatives all over the world, the company provides customers with innovative product solutions and individual service. The systems are exclusively made at the headquarters in Bremen/Germany. Innovation, product quality and customer satisfaction define the daily activities at SIKORA. We optimize your production processes!

Please see below for more information on the 3 systems SIKORA will display in Cleveland on Booth A320


The PURITY CONCEPT V is an offline purity inspection and analyzing system for raw materials used in the plastics industry. It combines the advantages of a conventional optical light table with an automatic evaluation, which is a novelty to the market. It is available for all kinds of transparent, diffuse or colored materials in laboratory operation or incoming goods inspection.

Material on the sample tray is automatically inspected within seconds by a color camera and any contamination is directly highlighted by a projector. The visualization and evaluation of contamination is directly taken from the image recordings. A clear allocation of the contamination and follow-up inspection from the data are possible at any time.

Regarding accuracy, reproducibility and reliability, the system exceeds the abilities of human eye and manual light table and significantly contributes to automatic quality control and process optimization.



-High-end diameter measurement for hose and tube extrusion lines

-The innovative LASER Series 6000 opens up a new era of precision diameter measurement. It expand SIKORA´s current range of intelligent diameter gauges with three high-end models. They unify the intelligent design with the highest precision and reliability.

-The LASER Series 6000 is versatile in its use and measures transparent as well as non-transparent products. Up to 5,000 measurements per second and axis, all with extremely high single value precision, enable an optimum line control, provide reliable statistical data, and allow the detection of lumps and neckdowns at the same time.

-The SIKORA gauge heads measure the diameter of hoses and tubes with impressive precision and repeatability. Three gauge head models cover product diameters from 0.2 to 78 mm.

Further info:

X-RAY 6020 PRO

-Diameter/wall thickness/eccentricity/ovality measuring system for hose and tube extrusion lines

-For quality control at the extrusion of hoses and tubes, the X-RAY 6000 continuously provides data for inner and outer diameter, wall thickness, ovality and eccentricity to ensure that the required product specifications are met. Therefore, the system provides the basis for optimization and repeatability of processes.

-Single layer or multi-layer tubes, aluminum composite tubes, pressure hoses with textile reinforcement, small or large diameter hoses made of PE, HDPE, PVC as well as foamed products and hoses made of EPDM, nylon, rubber or silicone are reliably measured by the X-RAY 6000 PRO.

-Moreover, the special version X-RAY 6020 PRO is suitable for smallest product diameters from 0.65 to 15 mm and for ultra-thin wall thicknesses down to 100 µm. This device is designed for the area of cosmetic and medical tubes like catheters, cannulas, oxygen or suction tubes where quality is a vital requirement.