Name Plastic Systems SrL
Stand number A634

Plastic Systems SPA moved firstly in 1994 thanks to a pressing request from not only European but also worldwide markets: it projects and produces PET dehumidification systems. That challenge was welcomed with dedication by the three founding partners who had a very great knowledge about the plastic material.

The first series of PET dryers with a high productive and technological capacity was born.

That was the beginning of a risen up business adventure that led the company to broaden its product range including raw material storage, centralized transport systems for granules and powder, individual and centralized drying, gravimetric and loss-in-weight dosing units.

Nowadays, Plastic Systems S.p.A is a well-known industrial group with branches in Italy and in the worldwide countries, and it is an international reference point in the design and production’s machines, plants and advanced solutions for plastic material treatment.

In order to provide a complete product range and a turnkey service to all its clients, in the 2014 Plastic Systems powered up a new brand, BLAUWER that deals with the production of machines and systems for refrigeration, thermoregulation and for the process conditioning; it soon becomes a supplier for national and international markets of innovative and energy-efficient solutions. In 2018 Ergomec was the first Plastic Systems’ acquisition. For over 15 years, the company, sited in San Bonifacio (Verona), has been manufacturing plants for storage, pneumatic conveying of powder and granules in plastic, chemical and food industries.

In January 2019 Plastic Systems SPA became PEGASO INDUSTRIES with 5 companies inside: PET SOLUTIONS, PLASTIC SYSTEMS, BLAUWER, ERGOMEC and STEEL SYSTEMS (that mostly supplies the woodwork for all the group).