Name Extreme Coatings
Stand number A410

Extreme Coatings has coated more than 50,000 feedscrews over the past twenty (23) years and recognized as a global leader of wear-resistant solutions for the plastics industry.  We offer proven solution-oriented techniques that incorporate advanced thermal spray technology and proprietary ceramic, metallic formulations.

Extreme Coatings fully encapsulates complex components by the application of Tungsten Carbide formulations for wear and corrosion resistance.   We focus on plasticizing components such as injection molding screws, extrusion screws (single and twin), and continuous compounding systems.  Our ceramic formulations maintain an OEM like-new tolerance much longer which results in consistent throughput, decreased downtime and scrap, predictive maintenance and improved barrel life.

Our latest development is CarbideX CPR (Chrome Plating Replacement).  The need for superior protection against wear and corrosion compared with chrome plating has led to this development.  CarbideX CPR has found wide acceptance in processes where chrome plating is not adequate – PVC/CPVC, twin screw extrusion, rapid color changes, etc.  Visit us online or contact us to find out more.

Minimize Wear, Maximize Profit!