Name Dr Collin
Stand number B504

Dr Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions with headquarters in the Bavarian city of Maitenbeth (Germany) develops pilot and laboratory lines in modular designs for the plastics industry from raw material production, processing, finishing and converting to research, development and education/training. We supply an extremely broad customer base in medical, agricultural, technical/industrial, packaging, coating, finishing and recycling applications.

As owner-managed company, we have been in business for more than 40 years as premium provider, we set worldwide technical and quality standards. For decades, we have been known for innovative, high quality and competent solutions that are intended to serve fair, sustainable and future-oriented economic activity of our customers.

As part of our product lines (Teach-, Lab-, Pilot- and Medical-Line), we develop and supply individual solutions for our customers. Our broad process and product knowledge is reflected in our product portfolio comprising platen presses, roll mills, calenders, extruders, compounders, mono and co-extrusion lines for mono and multi-layer flat, blown as well as pipe, tube or profile manufacturing as well as equipment for quality control such as filter pressure tests, rheometers and optical inspection systems. The company’s product range includes small-scale lines for basic research and education, medical technology, mid-size lab lines, pilot lines and medium scale production lines. Collin products and services aim to improve the development and production of polymer resins as well as the processing, finishing, converting and recycling of sustainable plastic-based products and material analysis, trial series from lab to pilot tests which allow a scale-up to production scale.

German engineering, precision, competence and innovative strength perfectly meet the requirements of our diverse customers worldwide who rely on Collin equipment every day.