Name Dotz Ltd.
Stand number A413

Dotz Ltd. is a technology leader, specializing in the development and marketing of novel end-2-end tagging, tracing, anti-counterfeiting and product-liability solutions for the thermosetting and thermoplastic materials industry.

Dotz proprietary technology consists of:

  • ValiDotz™ – eco-friendly molecular security markers delivered as concentrated easily mixed masterbatches compatible with plastic processing
  • InSpec™ – mobile phone-based detector utilized on site to rapidly decode invisible ValiDotz™ fingerprints in bulk polymers


Dotz technology allow for the first time to cost-effectively mark the  polymer itself (and not just the packaging/surface) with unique molecular fingerprints, without alteration of the polymer (properties or affecting its regulatory compliances (e.g. food contact).
Validotz presence in polymers can be unequivocally authenticated with a mobile phone-based detector (InSpec™), allowing on-site authentication throughout the supply chain.


For plastic manufacturers in the automotive, safety equipment, pharmaceutical, electronics, and toys industries, Dotz technology offers:

  • to Enhance supply chain traceability and minimize parallel marketing
  • to Prevent damage to brands reputation
  • to Assist in products liability and litigation claims
  • to Comply with new traceability regulations
  • to Increase consumers comfort in product authenticity


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