Name Zenith | CIRCOR International
Stand number A313

Zenith Pumps: Precise, pulse free fluid-handling systems for reliable performance in process industries.

CIRCOR’s metering gear pumps from Zenith serve a variety of industrial markets, as well as the oil & gas and power generation industries, supporting process applications with precise, pulse free and reliable fluid handling systems. Since 1920, Zenith has offered engineers pulse free precise flow with low NPSH (net positive suction head) requirements.  These positive displacement pumps utilize an intermeshing gear system that rotates within a housing. As the gears rotate, a void is created drawing the material into the pump. The tight operating tolerances of the gears and available material options for the housing provide significant advantages in fiber, polymer processing, adhesives, paints, food and other markets.

Zenith precision gear metering pumps provide accurate‚ reliable‚ pulse-free metering performance over a wide range of process applications and fluid conditions.  Typical applications are dosing‚ filling‚ injection‚ coating‚ extruding‚ spraying and fiber spinning. Fluids in these applications could be abrasive‚ corrosive‚ hot‚ cold‚ viscous‚ toxic or shear sensitive‚ but with numerous designs and materials of construction‚ these are no problem for Zenith.

Located in Monroe, NC, the Zenith manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2000 Quality.