Name CellMark Chemicals
Stand number A248

CellMark is a global company founded in 1984 in Gothenburg, Sweden. We provide tailored products, services, and solutions to customers and suppliers all over the world. We facilitate trade and business development across multiple industries using our vast network of 70 local offices in 30-plus countries as well as our professional expertise. Having its roots in the Pulp and Paper industry, CellMark rapidly grew and expanded over the years into new areas. Today we run seven successful international divisions in Pulp, Paper, Packaging, Recycling, Chemicals, Metals and Basic Chemicals. Our Chemicals division, born from the acquisition of Alcan International Network back in 2012, has been supplying for many years Specialty Aluminas to the Plastic Compound industry. In the last years, we have spent most of our efforts in developing innovative solutions to improve the fire safety of Plastics by reducing the smoke emission, the fire propagation (less dripping) and increasing  the fire resistance of the plastic structure through some specific ceramic formation process.