Name Asbury Carbons
Stand number A444

Asbury Carbons (Booth A444), is a global provider of materials used in highly complex and diverse markets. Asbury teams are ready to support all of your performance needs. From additives for applications requiring thermal and electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity but electrically insulative, friction and wear modification, structural reinforcement, processing lubricants, to fire retardants; our breadth of product is unsurpassed.

Whether you’re seeking assistance with materials selection, need thermal analysis or help determining the techniques required to effectively disperse materials through your polymer matrix, our full service technical department is always available to support your project.

Plus, we offer the largest fine-grinding capacity in the world, We are the world’s largest producer of graphite nanoplatelets. Our ability to manufacture nanometric particles, can help you optimize required electrical, thermal, lubricating, or other functions imparted by graphite nanoplatelets.