Name Dr. Andreas Goetz
Organisation Ziegler & Co. GmbH
Position Managing Director
Website http://ziegler-co.de/en/?noredirect=en_GB

Dr. Andreas Götz (M.Sc. in Geochemistry and Geomaterials, TUM/LMU Munich, Germany) made his Ph.D. at the Mineralogic/Crystallographic Institute, LMU Munich on the mechanical, chemical and microstructural characterisation of biominerals. These biominerals are biologically formed composite materials that have superior mechanical properties.


With the background of a Mineralogist he started working in Ziegler Minerals where he is Managing Director since 2014.


He has excellent experience in the properties of specific minerals and their application and synergies in organic resins. This knowledge helps to increase the performance and deacrease the costs of a compound at the same time.

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