Name Kamadur Industrial Knives BV
Stand number 135

Kamadur Industrial Knives B.V. supplies full range of after market knives, blades, cutters and services for pelletizers including:

-milling cutters and bed knives for strand pelletizing systems.

-sharpening service according OEM specifications for milling cutters up to 1000mm width.

-knives, knifeholders and die plates for underwater pelletizers (UWP).

-knives and screens for recycling equipment.

-additional services such as re-rubbering rollers for strand pelletizers and cleaning/sharpening die faces for UWP.

Our knives, blades and cutters fit to equipment from Maag®, Scheer®, IPS®, BKG®, Econ®, Gala® and many other brands.

For highly abrasive products we have developed, together with specialised partners, innovative products to reduce wear and cost over lifetime on milling cutters for strand pelletizers. We look forward to present SPM450V and HM Ultra cutters to you at Compounding World.

For over 25 years Kamadur Industrial Knives B.V. has been supplying high quality against competitive prices. Kamadur Industrial Knives ist the one-stop shop for knives, blades, cutters and services to producers of virgin materials, compounds and masterbatches. With our salesforce located all over Europe and centralized Service Center, Kamadur is able to take care of your requirements.