Name Campine
Stand number 130

Campine is a world-leader in the production of antimony derivatives, most notably antimony trioxide (Sb2O3). We provide antimony trioxide concentrate masterbatches under the Campine brand name.

Campine antimony trioxide concentrate masterbatches are highly-filled (80% or 90%) masterbatches combining antimony trioxide and polymers (PE, EVA, PA, PBT, etc.) as required by diverse applications.

Campine’s  Plastics applies its expertise in flame retardants and extrusion to provide its customers with flame retardant masterbatch solutions, under the brand names Campine® and Mastertek®.

We provide solutions that combine one or more flame retardant additives (halogenated or non-halogenated) and complementary additives (stabilizers, synergists, etc.) with diverse polymers (polyolefins, engineering polymers, etc.) into easy-to-use, clean, safe flame retardant masterbatches meeting agreed performance standards.

Our product range comprises standard references for typical polymers and end-uses, but Campine BU Plastics’ commitment and competence is to deliver cost-effective custom solutions delivering your specific requirements.